• Self-Adhesive: This Dry wall mesh is self-Adhesive and this is its distinctive feature. It goes on your wall like tape and thus it is easier to apply and it looks very neat too
  • Cut to size & Shape you need: This crack repair tape seals cracks and holes on your walls. You can cut it to size and shape you need with regular scissors.
  • High Strength: This plaster repair mesh has high strength and repairs and reinforces cracks and holes forever.  On top of it, it’s flame retardant too and has superb alkaline resistance. Moreover, it has easy dissolution in oily liquids like styrene.
  • Wide Application: This plaster repair tape has a variety of applications. You can use it on cement, plastic, asphalt, marble, roof inside and outside of a wall for crack repair and other innovative uses you can think of.
  • Repairs and reinforces reoccurring hair-line cracks. For quick and easy permanent repairs to walls and ceilings. Simply place the patch over the hairline crack and cover area with Onetime Lightweight Spackling. Provides fast, professional results. Interior and exterior applications.
  • UPC: 857026003184


Do you seek a durable and easy solution to your reoccurring cracks on your walls and ceiling?

Our stucco mesh will permanently repair cracks and holes and will fortify your walls.

Quick , Easy and Permanent Repairs:

This crack repair tape is a really fast and undemanding way of repairing your walls and ceiling in a snap. It is self-adhesive and you can cut this tape to any size or shape as per your own requirements. It is of excellent quality, solves the problem permanently.