Jaydee Inc. was founded with the primary goal of providing the highest quality products for safety, repair and durability in building and reinforcement materials for both commercial buildings and residential homes. As we grow, so does our commitment to excellence. Our entire staff is trained to be highly attuned to the unique needs of the construction industry and this is what we aim to deliver with every sale. We understand the daily pressures and demands our clients work under, and we strive to ease their load by offering punctual delivery, superior service, competitive pricing and extremely durable products.

  • EnGuard is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of high visibility safety wear, rain wear, footwear and gloves offering premium safety gear solutions for all workers. EnGuard offers high quality safety wear, offering hi visibility, protection from danger, cold, heat, rain, and industrial environments. EnGuard has what it takes to stand up to the rigors of con­struction allowing for the ultimate in safety wear.

  • Boen manufactures a full line of construction and building supply products that stand up to the rigors of the industry, allowing for the ultimate in safety and protection.  Boen’s construction safety and privacy category includes tarps, netting, and rope, used to protect open construction areas, as well as workers and pedestrians.  Used in conjunction with scaffolding, construction projects, sandblasting, as well as offering privacy, and visual barriers. Boen’s products offer protection, safety, and privacy for construction sites, commer­cial and residential building and renovation.

  • FiFlexMesh includes a complete range of innovative, powerful and versatile fiberglass mesh products.  The mesh is made of woven fiberglass fibers – the ideal material for joining plaster boards, dry wall, repairing cracks and damages, as well as interior & exterior wall repairing and decoration of modern buildings. EIFS Exterior mesh products are ideal for asphalt, cement, marble and other surfaces. Extra strength and alkaline resistance with a strong adhesive with resin that is widely used as a reinforcement material. These products feature a strong material weave, as well as deformation resistance, having the perfect chemical stability for a long lasting and strong result.